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A Brief History of The Tennessee Alabama Pullers Association

The Tennessee Alabama Pullers Association had it's beginnings in 1970. the First pull that anyone can recall happened in Obion, TN. just south of Union City, TN. in 1970, and a second pull was held at the Obion Co. Fairgrounds in the FAll of 1970. The Rest is History.

The Association was the brainchild of Jere M. Cutler and William Paul Ervin. The association incorporated on August 17, 1971 under the Name of the Tennessee State Tractor Pullers association. Mr Cutler was the First President and mr Ervin was the first secretary. In 1985 the great state of Alabama join in the fun and the two states joined to form the present organization making the T.A.P.A. one sanctioning body.

The Tennessee Alabama Association follows the rules set forth by the N.T.P.A. (National Tractor Pullers Association) and is a Member of the N.T.P.A.

The T.A.P.A. has the following classes of trucks and tractors:

6200# TWD Trucks, Open 6200# FWD Trucks, 7500# Modified Tractors, 6000# Super Stock Tractors, 8000# Super Stock Tractors, 10,000# Pro Stock Tractors, and 6000# Super Streek FWD Trucks.

In order to compete and receive points at a T.A.P.A. event a person must join the association for $75.00 a year. Non-competing members who want to be on the mailing list to receive schedules and newsletters must pay a due of $10.00 a year. Membership runs from the date membership is paid in full through december 31st of that same year. Each competing member receives points at each event the he or she participates in.

In December of each year our state hosts an annual banquet to honor our members. Plaques are presented to the top five in each class according to points earned, jackets goto the top two. Plaques are also presented to the Puller of the year, Rookie of the Year, Appreciation Award, Mechanic of the year, One Day Pull of the Year, Two Day Pull of the Year, and Best appearing Vehicle in each division.